About us

Invidia il senso della Forma was born with the aim of putting service to businessmen a format already experienced and affirmed on the market of rehabilitation and well-being. Invidia has implemented a networking system designed to transfer elements and knowledge to its business partners to a real diversification from the market and a strong loyalty to the end customer.

The commercial offer is open to all investors, including those who have no experience in the wellness industry: thanks to the model of care offered by Invidia il senso della Forma, the partnership is accompanied at every step in the path of its center of management in order To ensure the success of the investment. The offer translates into a relationship between a company with a consolidated business formula and a company or a single entrepreneur.

Our strengths
  • Developmental motor activity from 5 years to 18 years in a medical environment
  • Adolescent motor activity
  • Geriatric motor activity
  • Prevention and/or correction of spoiled postural attitudes such as scoliosis, hypercalcemia, and hyper-lordosis
  • Prevention and/or correction of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, childhood overweight
Further our services
  • Personal training: Individual work programs to achieve the ideal form of state.
  • Rehabilitation: post-traumatic rehabilitation programs, post-traumas to resume the full functionality of the area concerned.
  • Postural gymnastics: Personalized postural rehabilitation programs to recover proper posture or problems such as back pain, cervicalgia, sciatica, etc.
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